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Last updated: 29/7/2003
     On the Monday following the annual jambalaya, Kim, Bill and the kids came flying through Lafayette on the way to Grenada. They stopped long enough to pick me up. We then spent the next few days relaxing at the Stringer vacation resort. What follows are a few photo's taken while there.
Bill, Kim & Pearl
Bill, Melissa, Amanda & Treasure
Amanda, Treasure & Allison
Cody, Bill, Bill & Kim
Lake Grenada
Kim, Allison, Tabatha & Melissa
Bill, Bill & Amanda
Lake Grenada
Bill & Cody
Dam discharge canal
Cody, Bill & 
The Banana
Amanda, Tab, Melissa, Kim & Bill
Dam discharge canal
Cody, Bill & Amanda
Cody, Bill & 
The Banana
Kim & Bill
Bill & Kim
Kim, Allison, Tasha, Wayne, Amanda, Cody & Bill
Amanda, Cody & Bill
Wayne, Amanda, Allison, Tasha, Melissa, Cody & Bill
Kim, Allison, Amanda, Wayne & Bill
Allison, Kim, Amanda,  Michelle & Bill
Cody & Tiff
Tasha, Tiff & Bill
Cody, Amanda, Wayne & Bill
Bill, Amanda & Bill
Corky's Bar BQ
Kim, Tab & Melissa
Corky"s Bar BQ
Bill, Tab, Kim & Melissa
Larry & Kim
Colby & Tiffany
Amanda, Tiff & Allison
Melissa, Kim, Bill, Tab & Bill
Bill, Cody, Kim, Allison, Melissa, Bill, Tab, Amanda, Tiff & Colby
Bill, KIm, Allison, Melissa, Bill, Tab, Amanda, Tiff, Larry & Cody